In Person Classes

  • Small class sizes to give personalized attention to each student
  • Interactive  and hands on lessons
  • Different sections are offered to group students of similar age and needs
  • Classes are between 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • We have morning classes, afternoon classes and classes on Saturdays
  • Most classes are taught by licensed teachers and/or experienced individuals
  • Age 5 years  and up

Current Classes

French Classes
Ms. Jenine is an experienced instructor teaching "Homeschool Huddy", French and a variety of courses to students of all ages. In this class, you and your children will learn to speak French.  Ms. Jenine is offering a free class every Monday at 10:30am to new students. Classes are 30 minutes long for students age 5 and up. Classes are Monday-Saturday, choose the day that works best for you. All materials are included.

Reading Classes
 Ms. Jenine and Mrs. Buckley are teaming up to offer this Learn to Read class to students 4 years and older. Join us for hands on learning activities as your child move beyond the alphabet and start to read books. Sessions are 30-45 minutes long Monday- Saturday at 10am. Choose a day that works best for you. Most materials are included. There is a one time $20 charge for books that are yours to keep at the end of the course.

Math Classes
Mrs. Buckley is offering Math Classes for students  4 years - 13 years old.  Students learn from hands on to abstract thinking as we explore a variety of mathematical concepts. Classes are 1 hour long and are offered Monday-Friday from  12:00-1:00pm.

Arts and Crafts class is taught by Ms. Mikkie Bloe. Ms. Boe is an experienced instructor and has some fun and creative experiences for students young and old. In this course you will recycle your old cards ( or buy new) to create something memorable for a loved one. Classes are 1 hour at just $15. Save more with special discounts for family members. Materials: box of cards (old or new)