Our Schools

Our Curriculum are 100% online learning for students in Middle and High School. Some elementary students may receive workbooks and/or worksheets to help provide paper and pencil practice when necessary. 

For students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students work through their curriculum based on their personalized learning path. They complete core course work in math, reading, grammar, writing, social studies and science.

 Our Middle School is made up of 6th-8th graders. Our middle schoolers are also on a personalized learning path based on their beginning of the year diagnostic test. With curriculum online and the guidance of a learning guide students develop skills necessary and applicable to the real world. Emphasis is placed on the student being able to demonstrate mastery through interest projects

 Our High School students (9th-12th grades) are looking ahead to join society as adults, and so we must prepare them. Students in our high school curriculum are looking at the PSAT and SATs, Career Readiness, College and beyond. As they travel through their personal learning path, students complete a variety of projects to demonstrate critical thinking skills, all while collaborating with peers.

How does it work?

First, students complete a  diagnostic test that place them onto their unique learning path.Next, students are engaged in high quality video lessons, images, presentations, lectures that introduces learning concepts and skills. Then students are given an opportunity to practice what they've learned. They work at their own pace mastering concepts along the way. 

What happens if a student is struggling with a lesson?

Learning Guides are alerted if a student is struggling with a concept. They are able to pinpoint the specific skill that presents difficulties as well as how the student did with previous skills. Your child's learning guide will schedule a live class session for your child to provide additional support. There are other ways that our learning guides can help your child, if your child is having a hard time with the majority of the concepts at his/her grade assigned lessons, learning guides may move to a lower level to help improve mastery.

What happens if a student is excelling with a lesson?

Since each student is working at their own pace, on their own learning path, this is not uncommon. Learning Guides have the ability to change a student's grade level placement based on data. Learning Guides may think the student could benefit from an increase in rigor and so move the student up a level.Students may also be challenged with more interests based projects to provide an extra level of rigor.

What's a typical day at Dream Tech Academy

We are a fully virtual school, so your day is really up to you. However, we do provide some routines to help keep our students on track. Throughout the week, we will have Accountability Meetings. These are typical 30-45 minutes long and could be as early as 10:00 am EST or as late as 2:00 pm EST. Our Accountability meetings are designed to teach students social skills. We will also use these meetings for small group instructions, interventions, projects, and more.

Are you ready for this new adventure, where your student's learning is as personal as he or she is?